Soul Fire Cacao Sacred Ceremonial Cacao with Candace Blair


Though I had taken the other Cacao Immersions offered by Keith’s Cacao, I wasn’t keen on doing the Ignite Your Inner Power one. I had a very challenging relationship with figures in positions of power in my life and had been shying away from my own power for…ever. 

As it turns out, the things that challenge us the most are the things that also help us grow the most! The Ignite Your Inner Power Immersion was a profoundly eye-opening and truly transformative experience for me. Candace and Keith have put together a compelling collection of meditations, sound healings, and journeys, making every single one of the 22 days equally immersive and deep-reaching. 

They say we teach by example, and Candace’s powerful presence, heartfelt commitment, and solid support were truly inspiring. I felt held, respected, empowered, never overpowered, and safely guided as I shed layer upon layer of non-serving beliefs and old feelings and came to love the warrior goddess in me. I feel more confident, more centered and solid, and more in control of my own life than ever before, and this has reflected in both my business and my social life. Ignite Your Inner Power is one powerful immersion, and Candace is a powerhouse of a facilitator. I can’t recommend this enough.”

-Ianthi Sparsis

Participant, Keith's Cacao Immersion with Candace

Ignite Your Power Immersion course had a huge profound impact on my journey. It gave me a deeper dive of unearthing another layer of myself that I wouldn’t have other wise discovered without the guidance of Keith and Candace.  

The messages I received through the meditations and ceremonies will forever be imprinted in my mind, in turn it gave me the tools I needed to take intuitive (with bravery/boldness) actions/steps towards my future.  

I am forever grateful for Candace, Keith and this Immersion course. 

I am so fired up inside.  I feel so unstoppable and optimistic of my future from here on out.”


Participant, Keith's Cacao Immersion with Candace

I thought about you during my retreat this weekend. What a journey I had and I am so grateful for Candace for creating this immersion, for Keith for sharing his teachings, for all of you sharing your wisdom and your presence, for the Universe for sharing this immersion with me and for myself to taking this journey. It has been such a great support to have strengthened my core before meeting with grandmother medicine again.

It was a fascinating experience. The first ceremony I had a strong longing for going home – back to the stars I came from, because I have enough of suffering on this Earth. It was very challenging because I convinced myself that all of this digging our in my psyche only brings out suffering, so I should just stop and go back to “normal.”

With support of the great shamans and the group I could see through this illusion. And the next ceremony was a completely different story! There I was reborn or unborn into knowing that I am a medicinewoman – that I don’t need to prove it to myself, nor anybody else, that it’s not a distraction or a need to be interesting, but that it is my calling. And even though the path is still ahead of me, I can trust the process because I already am who I am becoming.

With this new understanding, I could also look at my first ceremony with different eyes. The longing to go home to the stars showed me that my soul is immortal and that there is beauty and peace waiting for me after I leave this Earth. So I can be calmly walking my path of this life, knowing that I am always safe, even if I die.

Lena Mech

Participant, Keith's Cacao Immersion with Candace, "Ignite Your Inner Power"

“The combination of Keith’s teachings and Candace’s blend of sound healing makes for a truly powerful and magical experience”

-Laura Petersen

“I loved every minute of Candace and Keith’s Cacao Immersion to ‘Ignite your Inner Power’, not least because it helped me to do just that. The experience helped me discover a sense of my spiritual purpose in this life, possibly for the first time, and has given me the focus I need to turn the vision into reality. Candace’s energy, enthusiasm and passion carries you along with her but her sensitive, non-judgemental approach also ensures you feel encouraged and supported at the same time. So thank you, Candace and Keith’s Cacao, for one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had in a long time.”


“I look back and hardly recognize myself from before going through the Ignite Your Inner Power immersion with Candace.  First, Candace is an amazing guide and teacher, any opportunity to participate in a program she leads is a gift – her energy is contagious and her love for her students and the topic is apparent.  The content was well crafted, support was always available, the meditations were powerful and the opportunity to connect with others around the globe was inspiring.  I feel stronger and more certain, confident and centered after participating in this course.”

-Leslie Massey

“Words cannot accurately relate the energy and teachings that Candace conveys through all of her sessions, yoga, gong, or cacao ceremony.

These are unique and truly transformative.


-Frederique Vincent

“I had such an amazing experience with beautiful Candace at the Cacao Ceremony in Bristol (April 2018).

The guided meditation took me on a wonderful emotional, spiritual journey, the cacao was lovingly prepared and the gong was truly cleansing, washing over us all! Thank you so much!”

-Rachel Spencer

“Candace has a way of igniting you by using her passion for Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and sacred cacao ceremony to light a fire in your soul to start living a more vibrant life. Her classes allow you to be inspired to move stuck energy in your body with movement, sound, and heart-opening ceremony…I highly recommend taking one of her classes or experiencing a healing sacred cacao ceremony.

-Tanya Colucci

“Candace is on fire with the joy of sharing her passion for the healing arts. I thoroughly enjoyed taking her Kundalini Yoga class and Cacao ceremony.

Her vibrant personality is contagious and uplifting!!

Her talented drumming and gong playing awakens the soul. The Lowcountry will never be the same!!

-Laura Winholt

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Soul Fire Cacao Sacred Ceremonial Cacao with Candace Blair
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