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Please see below for a current list of my offerings and pricing. Cacao ceremonies can be deeply healing and transformational experiences helping us to release negativity, allowing in more light & love. They are also wonderful for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, bridal showers, corporate retreats, and bachelorette parties. I will happily work with you to create a magical event for your special day, with bespoke events for individuals, groups, or businesses!

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Traditional plant medicine ceremonies offer each individual the opportunity to tap into their higher consciousness to receive love, light, wisdom, & guidance. Together, we call in the “spirit of cacao,” inviting the feminine goddess to support us on our journey. This experience can be customized for private, group & studio offerings featuring deep, guided meditations for healing & personal expansion, shamanic journeying & sound healing with crystal singing bowls & ancient gongs, manifestation of goals, opening up to self-love, and so much more… 

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Starting at $250 per session

Live and Online. Experience a 2-hour, Virtual Cacao Ceremony with a Personalized, Guided Meditation with Candace. Includes Sound Healing & Crystal Sound Bowls, live/virtual (not recorded) Via Zoom.

($55/pp, Min $250)

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Starting at $300 per session

Your Sacred Space or Mine? 2-3hour Private Sacred Cacao Ceremony + Shamanic Journey + Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls & Ancient Gongs. Within one hour of Hilton Head or by arrangement.

($65/pp, Min $300)

All Private Cacao Ceremonies begin with a free consultation so we can personalize your experience…


Vibrating Inside & Out.

Join me live or virtually to experience the power of vibrational sound healing which is amplified by infusing the body with ceremonial cacao. Invite the heart-opening energy of this ancient plant medicine to work in coordination with the sound as you shift stale energy and remove blockages form your chakras you drop into a deep state of relaxation, integration, and flow. 

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(Infused with Cacao)

Starting at $200 per session

Live and Online via Zoom.

Allow me to take you on a guided meditation, a relaxing journey of cacao sound using a combination of crystal singing bowls, my Pluto & symphonic gongs, ocean & Native American drums, elemental Koshi Bells, Tibetan chimes & Peruvian rainstick. All you have to do is lie back, enjoy your homemade ceremonial cacao and receive.

($30/pp, Min $200)

How to prepare Cacao


(Infused with Cacao)

Starting at $200 per session

In Your Sacred Space or Mine.

What do you need? Release from stress? Fear & Anxiety? Or, do you simply want a little self-care & positive vibration? Join me on a journey of sound using a combination of crystal singing bowls, my Pluto & symphonic gongs, ocean & Native American drums, elemental Koshi Bells, Tibetan chimes & Peruvian rain stick -and of course—Cacao!

($45pp, Min $200)

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The Ultimate Energetic Healing Experience

Your Shamanic Reiki Session with Candace Includes: Personal Assessment, Smudge & Crystal Clearing, Intention setting with Ceremonial Cacao, Guided Relaxation & Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls, Full Body, Shamanic Reiki Session, Heated Stones and Personalized Chaka Clearing & Gong Bath

$300 for a 2hr Ultimate Healing Reiki Session

Soul Fire Reiki Cacao


Ignite Your Inner Power.

I know that you have been doing the work. The hard work. Digging deep to address past traumas, letting go of old stories, opening your heart and getting back into flow.

But now what?

What do you do when you are truly ready to leave the past behind, step out of old cycles, live your truth, from your heart? Are you ready to find the courage & grace to step into the light? To tap into your inner warrior(ess) with confidence & resolve? Are you ready to ignite your inner power and begin living your purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Keith’s Cacao Immersion: Ignite Your Inner Power is for you! It is an intentional, 22-day practice with cacao 22+ participants designed to help you take the next step of empowerment and intentional living. Plus, each participant receives two pounds (454g each) of Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao ($100 value!)


  Soul Fire Social’s Inaugural Retreat

Coming February 2023

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Kundalini Yoga, Cacao Ceremonies, Sound Healing, Mayan Fire Ceremonies,
Meditation, Cultural Excursions and more…….


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Soul Fire Cacao Sacred Ceremonial Cacao with Candace Blair
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