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Welcome to the beautiful world of ceremonial cacao! How will you cacao?

Meditate. Celebrate. Chant. Dance. Write. Create. Drum. Work with Joy. Play. Play. Play. Open Your Heart. Release Negativity. Heal. Let Sh*t Go. Stand Strong. Walk Your Path. Prosper. Speak Your Truth. Fly High & Dream, BIG

Allow me the opportunity to show you the beautiful ways you can integrate the spirit of cacao into your everyday life! Learn how you can invite the goddess of cacao in to guide & inspire you through personal ritual or sacred ceremony. This includes everything from creating your own sacred space, learning how to set powerful intentions for manifestation, or selecting your own personal mantra. It is my hope that you will discover an inspired daily meditation while working with cacao for its myriad of health benefits as a powerful superfood, mood enhancer, or replacement for coffee. Not only will you find a heart-opening quality in your daily routine, you’ll be increasing your mental clarity & focus (something we could all use more of!)

Let me show you the tools you need to integrate cacao as plant medicine to deepen your connection to mother nature and elevate consciousness.

How will you cacao? The options are endless….


Create Your Own, Personalized Daily Ritual!

I am available for private consultations to work directly with you to create your own daily ritual, mantra, meditation, or bespoke cacao experience. All you have to do is reach out to begin the path of discovery.

$200 includes (2) 1-1 meetings, held live and in-person or live via Zoom. Our first 30-minute session is introductory to focus on your needs & goals. In the second meeting, I will present a personalized meditation for shamanic journey practice designed just for you. We will then sit in ceremony together to share your bespoke, daily ritual experience with a few fun “extras” thrown in!

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Whether sitting in ceremony or in your living room, the most important part about enjoying cacao is intention. Remember, this isn’t “just chocolate,” ceremonial cacao has been grown and blessed by indigenous hands and carries an inherent vibrational quality. When we use it as a plant medicine for its amazing benefits, we should treat it with the respect it deserves. Before you drink your cacao, acknowledge its origins, feel its vibration, set your intention and invite the cacao into your heart and body to help you on your journey.


This video briefly introduces the concept of creating your sacred space, a space in which to explore yourself and be led by the Cacao Goddess herself, to meditate, or to simply find calm.

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Now, allow me to introduce to you some of my own beautiful meditations & inspired music from others designed to enhance your personal rituals. Below you will find a series of my own Donation Based videos and sound offerings to help you to create your own personal sacred space, followed by some music that I find inspiring. I can further teach you how to learn to set powerful intentions using cacao as your guide in a one-on-one consultation or even with a group of friends so that you may fully experience cacao as part of your life on a daily basis. Just ask! 


Soul Fire Sounds: Paint Yourself with Love & Peace

A Guided Sound Bowl Meditation to Release Fear & Ignite Your Inner Light

Live Meditative Sound Healing, Soul Fire Social, w/ Gong, Koshi Bell & Rainstick


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I am available for private consultations, to work directly with you to create your own daily ritual, mantra, meditation, or bespoke cacao experience. All you have to do is reach out to begin the path of discovery.

Personal Consultations: $100 (1hr)




“Bring on Your Magic”

-Keith ‘The Chocolate Shaman” Wilson

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I look forward to introducing you to the Goddess of Cacao!

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